How Omar Boraie has facilitated the Growth of New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a science expert and business person who has been recognized due to his accomplishments in the real estate development sector. He is the proprietor of Boraie Development and has been serving the enterprise as its president. The work that his construction company has done has made him be appreciated in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The business mogul is 73 years old, and he has been striving to transform a city that was backward to becoming a top economic hub and capital. He is regarded as a determined, patients and industrious person who has unique visions for New Brunswick.

According to NJ Biz, Mr. Boraie acquired his skills in the real estate sector by observing how construction was being done in various parts of Europe. He was a student at that time and was pleased with the way the housing projects had a positive impact on the region. Omar was then inspired to start real estate development projects in his hometown. The local government of New Brunswick liked his great idea, and they used it in transforming the city. Some critics viewed his real estate development projects as risky because he has studied chemistry and had less knowledge of the constructions sector. The region also had a bad history, and this made the idea seem impractical to implement.

Omar’s firs real estate venture was the rebuilding of a vacated property that was based in Albany Street into a top notch office spaces. The project was highly successful, and this changed the thinking of many people who thought that it would be impossible. He discovered a high potential business opportunity in the real estate sector and started establishing commercial and residential buildings. Boraie Development also constructed a flat that had 21 stories and 121 units that were designed for mixed uses. The project was completed in 2007 and took a few months be sold out.

Boraie believes that the construction business is highly profitable and he plans to invest more money in the sector. His company is currently building other properties that will be for residential and business uses. It is also determined to make the city beautiful though landscaping and adding some vigor in the work that it does. Omar has been committed to transforming the image of New Brunswick to make it a location where individuals would lie to own homes and live with their families.

Apart from being a guru in the real estate development business, Omar is actively involved in projects that save lives. He is one of the founders of Rutgers’ Genomic Science, and he serves it as the chairperson, reveals Boraie is highly skilled in science and this enable him to be chosen as the head of the institution conducts research on cancer. He has also been offering donations to other organizations that are determined to finding a cure for the killer disease. His work has been greatly appreciated by the residents of New Brunswick. The projects that Omar Boraie has established in the city will be beneficial to many generations.

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