End Citizens United And Their Message

I have volunteered with End Citizens United for many years, and we are endorsing Senator Whitehouse in his reelection campaign because this person believes in changing the election culture in America. It is quite important for us to ensure that we are educating the public, and there are many different people like me who are helping out. There are many different people who are searching for a better understanding of election laws, and End Citizens United will help show the public why this is necessary.


#1: Raising Money


We are helping End Citizens United raise as much money as possible because we know that we must have resources to help further tha message. There are many different people who want to help us, and we are all coming together to create events that the general public will want to come to. We believe in this mission, and we want to have it reach as many people as possible.


#2: It Is Easy To Share News


It is important that we are sharing news about how big money is hurting the government, and there are many people who will find that they did not know how bad corruption is in government. We want to see big money removed from government, and I often post articles from their social media pages. They do quite a good job finding news that will help people learn more about campaign finance, and I know that we can change minds if we are sharing this information as much as possible.


#3: The Mission


The end goal for End Citizens United is to remove all special interests and money from the government. We want to know that all elections are won by the person who deserves to win, and we want to remove the money that allows rich people to take office simply because they are wealthy. Our goals are to see that the government is no longer tied to business, and we will help the people of the nation learn that this goal is right and good for them.


#4: Read Online


Reading online about End Citizens United is a good place to start learning about campaign finance, and we believe that we’re have made the right choice in supporting this PAC. They will stop all special interests from lobbying, and they will help take money out of the pockets of politicians who are stealing from the public for their own gains.


There are many different people who will benefit from this experience because they will learn that the government is not acting in their best interests. They can support us or volunteer, and they will learn how easy it is to change a life and help bring the right people to office.