The Democrat Who Could Have Been In The President’s Administration

It is almost difficult to imagine any Democrat in the entire country wanting to take a position in the Trump Administration. The Democratic Party is so heavily opposed to just about everything that is happening in the White House these days that it just doesn’t make sense that one would even be invited to join. However, an article says that Eva Moskowitz was considered for the position of Secretary of Education.


Eva Moskowitz was not selected as the Secretary of Education, but the fact that she was considered at all is astounding. Eva Moskowitz is a registered Democrat and someone who says she voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. With that kind of resume, why would the Trump Administration even want to consider her for the position? Believe it or not, it wasn’t just because it would be a good political PR move.


The biggest reason that Eva Moskowitz made a short list for Secretary of Education is because she is in favor of charter schools. This is not a position that is very popular with most Democrats, but she says that she has seen the success of these schools and does believe in them.


Eva Moskowitz can tout the benefits of charter schools because she has been behind the scenes working on getting some of them up and running. From doing fundraisers to advocating for school choice, Moskowitz is a true champion for this particular idea in education. She wants to see more people with more access to this type of education.


It is truly amazing that someone from across the aisle can work with a President that is so unpopular with her party. That just goes to show you that this person really cares about the issue that she is fighting for. You just don’t get that kind of passion with a lot of people for a lot of things.