Fabletics-A Top Player in the Industry

You have most likely heard of Fabletics, the clothing line that Kate Hudson has helped to make famous. There are several reasons why Fabletics has become the huge success it is today and one of these reasons is called “leveraging the power of the crowd.” It is one way that Fabletics has proven themselves to be the top in their field.


What is leveraging the power of the crowd?


In simple terms, it is making your advertising “customer-heavy.” When potential consumers look into trying something new, whether it be a product or a service, they tend to search for reviews from other customers and not pay as much attention to what the seller or service provider is saying.


The way that Fabletics makes sure that they are keeping it real with their customers is by staying actively involved with their reviews and responding to as many customers as possible to ensure their satisfaction. Because Fabletics modus operandi is so focused on consumer involvement and understanding their data and what it means in a personal way, they are succeeding as one of the top online clothing stores around.


One of the brains and leading lady of Fabletics is also one of Hollywood’s leading ladies: Kate Hudson. When she became a part of the company in 2013, she dove in with both feet showing that she is more than just an incredible actress, she’s also a fabulous clothing-line founder. She proved that she can play the part of a Fabletics power house just as well as her role in Almost Famous.


Fabletics has a great system built around a monthly subscription which provides women with a chance at being able to get great outfits at an affordable price. They even have a lifestyle quiz to help their members be able to find the right active-wear for them.


Whether you are a yogi or a runner, Fabletics has plenty of options for you to choose from and you can find out which outfits will suit your lifestyle the best. If you’ve been thinking about joining Fabletics, you should check out the quiz and see if they have what you want.

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