The Success of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC, a firm that offers advice to various compensation committees and corporations in matters regarding compensation and corporate governance. He, Jeremy, has a Juris Doctor, from the New York University Law School. Before beginning his law firm, Mr. Goldstein was working for the Wachtell, Rosen& Katz and Lipton.


He writes, and public speaks on corporate governance and any issues involving executive compensation. Additionally, he is a member of NYU Journal of Law and Business’ Professional Advisory Board. He is also a board member of the Fountain House.


Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Goldstein was an associate at the firm called Wachtell, Rosen & Katz, and Rosen. He has had involvement in many big deals over the past decade. Firms should consider the above benefits if it wants to award employees with options instead of shares. It should carry out steps that will help in reducing the initial and ongoing expenses. The companies should adopt knockout options since they have the same limits and investment requirements as the other solutions.


Employers can also avoid the elimination of benefits by cancelling the options once the share value remains low due to the prior price plunges. It also helps in reducing the initial accounting costs if the stock of the company is risky since each option is valid for a short duration.


Many companies have stopped providing stock options for their workers mainly with the hope of saving money. According to Jeremy, significant drop of the stock values may make it possible for the workers to practice their options. Through this, the stakeholders face the peril of option failure.


Internal Revenue Services may make it hard to offer equities to the employees especially when companies come up with compensation schemes for the top employees. Therefore, the business may incur bigger tax burdens if they opt to offer shares rather than options.


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