Securus Technologies Is An Expert In Prison Technologies

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. It has been a mainstay in the security protection industry for many years. Securus specializes in investigation, public safety, modern communication and corrections abilities. The company provides an unlimited amount of expertise when it comes to inmate crimes and correctional facility management. It has served with a number of law enforcement and public safety organizations. There is an emergency response package available, along with communication, information management, bio metric analysis and inmate self-help.


Securus Technologies has been working in prison management throughout the United States since 1986. It has offices in Atlanta Georgia as well as Texas. There are more than 1000 employees serving 2600 clients throughout the United States. They have invested 6 million dollars in acquisitions and technical patents in order to secure their place in the industry. Offender Management was one acquisition made in 2007. Offender Management was the was the leading brand in the industry up to that point.


Securus Technologies has very intricate operating procedures available to assist corrections facilities. Cell phone contraband was a high priority for many different detainee agencies. Securus implemented a system that was approved by five corrections agencies. They partnered with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. This operation was focused on preventing cell phones on the inside from connecting to mobile networks on the outside of the detainee facilities.


JPay was an important acquisition to the Securus company foundation. JPay specializes in electronic payments, email and entertainment for correctional facilities. Securus saw this as an excellent opportunity to work with the company that had its own niche within a similar market. JPay has contracts with 33 different state prisons throughout the United States. The move helps Securus open new opportunity for JPay as well as its own company.


Leaders at Securus Technologies plan to allow JPay to continue with its current business model. They will monitor from afar and use JPay as a subsidiary to show them different avenues of acquiring clients within the corrections technologies industry.


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