Neurocore Explains The Science Behind NeuroFeedback

It is the joy of every mother to have a healthy lively child, however, in some cases, conditions like ADHD, depression, stress and many others may become a hindrance to mother happiness. To see a child suffering and taking many doses to treat such disorders is traumatizing to a parent. Fortunately, a revolutionary Company known for providing unique treatment for such disorders like ADHD and depression has been committed through research work to find better alternatives for treating such diseases and have made remarkable breakthroughs. The company is known as Neurocore Brain Performing Centers. Read more about Neurocore at

At Neurocore they have employed advanced technology methods to diagnose and treat disorders associated with the brain without the need for any medication. They have achieved this through research work with the aim of unlocking the secrets and powers of the mind. To add to this, they own qualified and skilled professions that administer this treatment.

Rochelle Fintelman is a clinical specialist at Neurocore; she said that the clinic usually treats migraines, lack of sleep, attention and focus issues. Rochelle also went further to elaborate the kind of treatment they offer at the hospital. A training program of the brain gets offered to patients which is a mix of neurofeedback a recorded graph showing the brain’s activity and biofeedback teaching of deep breaths to a patient. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The room of therapy at Grandville has patients hooked to electrodes on ears and head to create a graph of their brain, breathing, and heart waves as they watch a movie.

Fintelman went further and explained how these techniques really work. When brain activity of a patient is balanced and calm, their movie projected on a screen will play uninterrupted. However, if the breathing or brain activity of the patient is not stable there is shrinking or pauses in their movie.

Primarily the movie plays continuously if the brain activity has the right balance if not there are pauses with an instant message sent to the brain to correct it. With time the brain identifies the shrinking or breaks and commence to rectify the brainwaves on the inside

Neurocore got established in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer a neuropsychologist who used to work at Children’s Hospital of Helen DeVos.

The lives of many children and adults diagnosed with brain disorders like depression and ADHD got transformed at Neurocore with a brain training program comprising of approximately 40 sessions.


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