Jeremy Goldstein, Knock Out Stocks Exceed The Benefits Of Regular Share Choices For Employers

The conflict employers often face while choosing between giving company shares to employees versus withholding from providing dividends as part of the basic salary structure, is both tiresome and filled with hassles. Right from accounting issues for both employers and employees as well as the satisfaction of employees from receiving shares as part of the salary package, handing out stocks to staff members rarely pans out in the right way. Jeremy Goldstein has a plausible solution for this and has shared his valuable insight on this topic.



Jeremy Goldstein, both the founder and CEO of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, has an ample amount of experience in managing and handling accounting issues that arise due to giving regular company stocks to employees. He is of the belief that knock out stock choices are a much better way to combat majority of the issues that arise from share distribution amongst staff members.



For Knock out stock choices to work efficiently, he states that they should be given to staff members not as part of the necessary salary allowances, but as add-on benefits in replacement for equity, insurance, and bonuses. Typically, this type of stock option is given or sold to employees at a specific rate, and when the price of the firm’s stocks drops by half or at a set percentage, then the employee loses the ownership title of these company assets.



Knockout stocks can help employers in two essential ways; the first is, they can reduce the expected accounting issues with prices of shares as well as accounting for the handed stocks, the second is, they can positively encourage the employees to work towards the success of the firm they are working with at that time.



As a J.D holder from the New York University School of Law which as well as a founder of a firm that deals with financial issues faced by employers, Jeremy Goldstein has a significant amount of experience in this industry. He believes that this alternate choice to handing out company shares freely to employees can benefit enterprises as well as employees who are automatically encouraged to work harder to hold on to their part of the company assets.


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