Whitney Wolfe Ties The Knot

Fairy tales and dreams really do come true! Businesswoman and entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe gave fans hope when she recently tied the knot in a beautiful Amalfi coast ceremony. The Founder and CEO of Bumble happily said “I do” to Michael Herd in romantic Positano, Italy. Though Whitney Wolfe has been hailed the queen of online dating by many of her fans and followers, the newlyweds met in person back in 2013 while visiting Aspen for Christmas and the two quickly began writing their love story.

After two years, the couple visited Michaels ranch in Texas, and on a beautiful sunset horseback ride, he asked her to be his wife. Wolfe told Vogue that the proposal was an emotional moment that neither of them will ever forget. After basking in their magical moment, the couple took a trip to Italy to celebrate the engagement. While on their celebratory trip, they fell in love with Positano and quickly began planning their wedding.

While the ceremony was certainly a beautiful one, it was also untraditional from start to finish. Wolf and Herd trusted Diana Sorensen with handling the planning of their big day and even asked her to book a venue to surprise both them and their wedding guest. The young and in love couple planned a weekend full of events making the union a weekend-long celebration. Guest received beautifully hand painted welcome bags filled with some of the best chocolate and champagne in Italy.

We all want our special day to go as planned, but, as we all know, we don’t always get what we want. So, when Wolfe awoke to a rainy forecast on her wedding day, she was not surprised. You may think the rain would have stopped their show, but they went with it! Using the Italian belief that rain is symbolic of a happy and successful wedding, the soon to be newlyweds spent the day with their wedding party sipping champagne and keeping their spirits up in preparation for the big moment.

Fortunately for Wolfe, one of the wedding guests was a meteorologist. When she excitedly informed the bride that the rain would clear that evening, she made an executive decision to proceed with the ceremony. With the help of their wedding party, the last minute ceremony was a success. Wedding guest took their seats at approximately 7:30 p.m. and the groom took his bride under the beautiful moonlit sky overlooking the water.


Clients Bob Reina Says Benefit From His Company

Bob Reina is a business owner and author in the field of online marketing in the video email niche, and he’s built a company that grew from an unknown email and newsletter platform to one of the top performers according to the Technology Marketing Corporation. Reina talked with Inspirery about what his company does and where the future of video marketing is going. Reina said his company, Talk Fusion has grown because of its mass appeal. Both small businesses and large enterprises subscribe to its services and love its ease of use and the ability to use it within the browser. Reina says that while the programming technology will change in the future, Talk Fusion’s ways of allowing customers to use storytelling to get their message out are fundamental to its core mission. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


Bob Reina was a police officer in the years before running Talk Fusion. While he was proud to serve his community, he still felt he could do more to help others while working on his own time and doing something he was passionate about. It was while he was touring North Carolina in 2004 that he got his idea for Talk Fusion through wanting to send videos he took through AOL’s email system. AOL said it wasn’t possible, but Reina and his friend Jonathan Chen made it happen in a few years and by 2007 Talk Fusion was officially established. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/14/talk-fusions-bob-reina-releases-article-about-top-marketing-trends-of-2017/


Talk Fusion is not only about selling video email, newsletter and chat products, it’s also about allowing others to earn money through selling these products. Talk Fusion associates who make the required sales volumes weekly or monthly and refer others can be eligible for rewards that include jewelry, new cars and fully-paid luxury vacations. But Bob Reina also wants Talk Fusion to make a difference in local communities, so that’s why he started the philanthropy initiative that allows associates to donate a Talk Fusion company that non-profit groups can use free of charge. Reina himself has given to Tampa, FL animal shelters, sponsored young orphans overseas and given to humanitarian and disaster relief organizations. Learn more: http://digitalmode.net/2017/07/06/bob-reina-pens-second-article-martech-advisor-powerful-video-marketing-advice/


The Democrat Who Could Have Been In The President’s Administration

It is almost difficult to imagine any Democrat in the entire country wanting to take a position in the Trump Administration. The Democratic Party is so heavily opposed to just about everything that is happening in the White House these days that it just doesn’t make sense that one would even be invited to join. However, an article says that Eva Moskowitz was considered for the position of Secretary of Education.


Eva Moskowitz was not selected as the Secretary of Education, but the fact that she was considered at all is astounding. Eva Moskowitz is a registered Democrat and someone who says she voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. With that kind of resume, why would the Trump Administration even want to consider her for the position? Believe it or not, it wasn’t just because it would be a good political PR move.


The biggest reason that Eva Moskowitz made a short list for Secretary of Education is because she is in favor of charter schools. This is not a position that is very popular with most Democrats, but she says that she has seen the success of these schools and does believe in them.


Eva Moskowitz can tout the benefits of charter schools because she has been behind the scenes working on getting some of them up and running. From doing fundraisers to advocating for school choice, Moskowitz is a true champion for this particular idea in education. She wants to see more people with more access to this type of education.


It is truly amazing that someone from across the aisle can work with a President that is so unpopular with her party. That just goes to show you that this person really cares about the issue that she is fighting for. You just don’t get that kind of passion with a lot of people for a lot of things.