Inspiration Being Brought Forth From Adam Milstein

At its core, philanthropy’s purpose is to get people to not only stand on their own two feet, but to also get them to serve one another. One thing that philanthropy can help people remember is that they need one another. This is one of the reasons that some people are involved in initiatives and programs that are designed to help one another. One of the best things about philanthropy is that people can get involved as they feel they can. For instance, if people are only comfortable with making donations every now and then, then they will do good enough with that. However, there are people who want to really engage in the different aspects of philanthropy.


Adam Milstein is one of those people whose lives revolve around philanthropy. His life revolves so much around philanthropy that he is always looking for something he can do for people so that he can make their lives a lot better. Adam Milstein understands that there is more to philanthropy than just making donations and giving people things. People also need relationships and services. One of the issues faced with humanity is that people are isolated and made to believe that they are on their own.

Another thing that can be said for Adam Milstein is that he finds joy in everything that he does. He is someone that wants to build communities. Also, Adam Milstein is someone who is very diligent as a worker and is willing to take on challenges within his career. Adam Milstein is an example that other entrepreneurs can follow whenever they are looking for someone successful to look to as an example. One thing that is worth checking out is the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation.

Clients Bob Reina Says Benefit From His Company

Bob Reina is a business owner and author in the field of online marketing in the video email niche, and he’s built a company that grew from an unknown email and newsletter platform to one of the top performers according to the Technology Marketing Corporation. Reina talked with Inspirery about what his company does and where the future of video marketing is going. Reina said his company, Talk Fusion has grown because of its mass appeal. Both small businesses and large enterprises subscribe to its services and love its ease of use and the ability to use it within the browser. Reina says that while the programming technology will change in the future, Talk Fusion’s ways of allowing customers to use storytelling to get their message out are fundamental to its core mission. Learn more:


Bob Reina was a police officer in the years before running Talk Fusion. While he was proud to serve his community, he still felt he could do more to help others while working on his own time and doing something he was passionate about. It was while he was touring North Carolina in 2004 that he got his idea for Talk Fusion through wanting to send videos he took through AOL’s email system. AOL said it wasn’t possible, but Reina and his friend Jonathan Chen made it happen in a few years and by 2007 Talk Fusion was officially established. Learn more:


Talk Fusion is not only about selling video email, newsletter and chat products, it’s also about allowing others to earn money through selling these products. Talk Fusion associates who make the required sales volumes weekly or monthly and refer others can be eligible for rewards that include jewelry, new cars and fully-paid luxury vacations. But Bob Reina also wants Talk Fusion to make a difference in local communities, so that’s why he started the philanthropy initiative that allows associates to donate a Talk Fusion company that non-profit groups can use free of charge. Reina himself has given to Tampa, FL animal shelters, sponsored young orphans overseas and given to humanitarian and disaster relief organizations. Learn more: