Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Describes Early Success in Industry

Where were you when you had your first stroke of genius? This is the kind of question that most tech based entrepreneurs will get at least once in their lives. Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, would answer it thusly: he was off-duty at an event while working as a police officer. We’ll dig more into that story soon. Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that has been making waves in the industry since they first opened their doors back in 2007. Talk Fusion’s success has been both amazing and entirely expected, and both responses are due to the work of CEO Bob Reina.Learn more :


Bob Reina sat down to discuss what makes him tick and where his inspiration came from. Reina talks about working at an off duty event as a law enforcement officer when he was approached by a man that worked in network marketing. Obviously, Reina didn’t create Talk Fusion based off of this encounter but it was what initially got the gears turning. Reina would embrace the concept of working directly with people, selling his product to the masses, and he would soon run with it. A few years down the line Reina would see the need for a product that allowed you to directly send videos to people all around the world, directly within your email. This product was what Talk Fusion launched with and the past ten years has been all about improving upon that start.


Most companies will scuffle a bit when they come out of the gate, but that wasn’t the case with Talk Fusion. The reason? Bob Reina says, “We developed a game changing product at Talk Fusion, so our excitement instantly started making waves.” Reina goes on to explain that he talked to as many people as possible about his product, creating a buzz that brought in customers as well as employees the moment that the company first opened. Reina also points to the sheer value in their product line: Live meetings, Video Chat, Video Emails and more as a reason for their continued success within a cutthroat industry.Learn more :


Cancer Treatment Done Right: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

In an era where obesity remains rampant, millions of people succumb to the perils of cancer. Due to such factors, society has seen an influx of people of all ages obtaining cancer. For those unaware, cancer has devastated the lives of those who have it. Moreover, cancer has taken millions of lives away from people looking forward to a promising future. Although cancer remains an issue, numerous solutions do exist. Moreover, several companies have used their influence to address the fight against cancer. In particular, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America remains a permanent fixture throughout the industry. For those unaware, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America remains headquartered in Florida.

Moreover, the company has numerous operations nationwide. In total, the organization caters to people afflicted with cancer. Moreover, these centers treat cancer patients in ways unimaginable. However, their techniques remain highly innovative and effective. To name a few, these include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and so forth. Since its conception, the center has remained a beacon of hope in the lives of its patients. Initially, the hospital opened its doors in 1988. However, it eventually expanded its operations. Moreover, Richard J Stephenson founded the hospital. This remains attributed to the death of his mother, who also was a cancer patient.

Stephenson’s dissatisfaction with cancer treatment options contributed to his involvement at the center. Moreover, the hospital has regions and every sector of the United States. This includes the North, the South, the East, the West, and the Midwest. Aside from offering high-quality techniques, the company has received numerous awards and accolades for its efforts. Moreover, they possess the Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission. Moreover, CTCA has received the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures Award. In closing, the company remains respected for its high standards and increasing influence.

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Sawyer Howitt: The Hero

As Sawyer Howitt progresses into adulthood, he continues to break stereotypes along the way. Due to Sawyer’s prolific work ethic, society remains forced to realize that age has nothing to do with determining how successful someone will become. Moreover, Sawyer Howitt has set the standard regarding the possibilities of peers. As a senior in high school, Sawyer spends a fair amount of his time getting ready to graduate. Upon graduating high school, Howitt intends on going to Columbia University for a degree in entrepreneurial finance. However, Sawyer Howitt has already built up the reputation of an esteemed entrepreneur. In spite of having such a busy schedule, Sawyer serves as the project manager at the Meriwether Group. Keep in mind that he still attends high school.

In so many ways, Sawyer Howitt has made a statement to corporate America. Moreover, he has a lot to look forward to. Although technically still a teenager, he proudly holds a job position that many people go to college for. In addition, Howitt remains an exceptional racquetball player. Moreover, his peers pale in comparison to his racquetball skills. Therefore, Sawyer Howitt has a good chance of owning his own racquetball team. In a nutshell, Howitt remains unstoppable. In particular, Sawyer stands out from his peers due to his big heart. In his spare time, Sawyer selflessly gives back to his community in Portland, Oregon. In particular, he serves as an asset to the women’s rights movement. Furthermore, he motivates at-risk youth by speaking to them.