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The words themselves are only of moderate importance. Adaptive and Competent are both good words, and educated is not bad. Also, each one is followed up with why you think so. Say your answer with confidence and you should be fine. Take Away Interview Tips. Make sure your words aren’t stupid. Make sure your words focus on your professional life. Jul 24, 2017 · Whether it’s an online dating profile or a job interview, unless you’re super-confident, trying to describe yourself in just a few words can be pretty tricky. Why? Because there’s more to you than just a few words – plus with whatever words you choose, you run the risk of selling yourself short or making yourself sound like a complete fool.

May 03, 2019 · The 3 words you select to describe yourself will help the employer or hiring manager better understand the way that you think, and gain insight into what you see as the most important qualities in an employee. What 3 words best describe you, and why do you think they are good descriptions? Update Cancel. No Answers Yet. Answer Wiki. View more. Related Questions. How would you describe your own personality? What do you like most about yourself? How do you describe something that, you just simply can't describe? Aug 12, 2012 · The words that you can use are: "Hardworking, loyal, quick learner, well adjust to changes, efficient team player, multi tasking, self-motivated and self confidentFlexible, Punctual, Team player!". The answer should also be ground in solid.

Answer them all honestly and we will tell you which three words best describe you. Fun. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously: Answers. Do not think about the answers too long. If you think you answered incorrectly, you can always go back to any question. Nov 21, 2019 · By giving you only three words to describe yourself, the interviewer knows that you are going to choose carefully! Try to use words that are unique and will set you apart. You want to avoid giving an answer that everyone else has likely given. Time to get out your thesaurus and choose some fun and new descriptive words! Whether it’s an online dating profile or a job interview, unless you’re super-confident, trying to describe yourself in just a few words can be pretty tricky. Why? Because there’s more to. 1. Describe how your mind works.Employers are deeply interested in how you think and operate, and you should use one of your three words to accurately capture that. Use words like “conceptual,” “creative,” “curious,” “analytical” or “methodical” to describe your thought process.

Your customers agreeing with you is the big challenge. If you ask them what three words they would use to describe you, they may not come up with the same three you did – although in a perfect world they would. As an alternative, you may want to ask if they agree with your three words. Then, and this is important, ask why. Three Words to Describe Yourself. imacrazyscientist 756 replies 260 threads Member. March 2007 edited December 2013 in University of Southern California. What three words did you use to describe yourself on the USC app? I put: Biophiliac, Vivacious, and. Feb 21, 2014 · A double-headed addition the killer interview questions collection: which three words would colleagues use to describe you?. And for an extra twist: which three words would your. These words might describe you, but it could also be assumed in any candidate and will come across as boring. Think of how many people are going to give these basic answers. Don’t be like them! Set yourself apart from the masses and provide truthful character traits that will resonate with the interviewer.

You’re “self-motivating.” 3. Meticulous. This word hints at your attention to detail, your precision, your organizational skills, your ability to prioritize, and the fact that you hate letting anything slip through any cracks. If you’re meticulous, you’re thorough and self-managing and trustworthy. See how much work this kind of word can do? 4. This is why it is worth thinking about this in advance. Why not do your research? Ask your friends how they would describe you. See if they are all saying the same thing, sometimes we can behave differently with different people. If the answers are different think about the real you. Come up with three words to be ready for this question. Sep 25, 2012 · What Words Describe You? What three adjectives would other people use to describe you? Are they the three you want to describe you? Are they consistent with how you project yourself through social media and in person? Give it a try and share this with your friends and colleagues who could use some self awareness. Best Words to Describe Company Culture.The following words are ranked by how frequently they were mentioned by employees, from most frequent to least frequent. Here are some tips on how to implement a few of these elements into your own culture! Provide. What five words best describe you? SynapseLapse 79 replies 20 threads Junior Member. January 2010 edited August 2012 in Stanford University. I am sooo curious about what everyone put for these! Also, this sounds terrible but, were you 100% honest about your answer? If not, what WOULD you.

The words you choose to describe your character should be positive and self-affirming. Don’t list your faults or weaknesses at this point! That’s not what the interviewer wants to hear in this answer. Choose words that currently describe you, and not ones that describe, for instance, who you.

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